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Zulfiqar Anees


Zulfiqar Anees is the Founder/CEO at FastTech Media. He is an Entrepreneur, IT Specialist, Trainer and GoDaddy Pro. Loves to explore the challenges, opportunities, and trend insights into what is becoming the third wave of the Internet. He is also Founder/CEO at TechMag, ZulWeb, TechKnowable and Enter to Study.

Expertise: WordPress, SEO, Digital Marketing and Content Writing.

Waseem Akhtar


Waseem Akhtar (Co-Founder) is an IT graduate and senior software engineer with hands-on experience in building the application architecture, designing modules and services. He has been designing and developing applications using Java EE platforms. He has also worked on Big Data application to help organizations to process their huge data and perform different analyses using machine-learning algorithms. He is Co-Founder/CEO at BolBuzz.

Expertise: Java, Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Microservice, Spring RabbitMQ, Spring Redis, Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Postgre SQL, Maven, Javascript, jQuery, HighCharts, and Sencha ExtJS.

Abdul Muneeb

Senior Android Developer

E-Learner, Tech Enthusiastic just loves to work in the field of AI and Android Development. Always love to learn more and more because the best way to predict the future is to invent it and you can never learn anything by being told you have to find out yourselves.

Expertise: Android Developer, Sdk/NDK, JSON, JAVA, FIREBASE, DAILOGUEFLOW, API, GOOGLE MAP APIS, Google services, and Artificial Intelligence.

Adnan Abbas

Senior .NET Developer

Adnan Abbas is a .NET software developer having 4 years of experience in developing enterprise-level desktop and web applications.

Expertise: C#, Microsoft SQL Server, Crystal Reports, RDLC Reporting, ASP.NET, MBC, MySQL, Static Website Development, Web Form Application Development, MVC, Web Services (Soap), Windows Form Application Development, Crystal Reporting, Window Services, .Net Framework, and Graphic Designing.

Muhammad Ramzan

Digital Marketing Expert

I am a Social Media Marketing expert in running proper Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads Campaigns to get you targeted (interest or Geo) audience. I will set up an effective social media marketing campaigns and increase brand awareness for your business. I will set up and deal with all social media, such as optimization of Facebook Business Page, Facebook ads, Instagram Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Pinterest, Google Ads, and the optimization of the LinkedIn business page.

Expertise: Google Ads | Facebook Ads Expert | Social Media Consultant

Nabeel Arshad

Senior SEO Expert

Nabeel Arshad is a young, analytical, enthusiastic self-starter with development skills. I am filled with the passion of working hard, to have a successful and trustful professional career in the field of Advertising and Digital Marketing. A team player and have demonstrated a strong work ethic and the ability to reach and exceed goals and targets.

Expertise: Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, On-Page & Off-Page Optimization, Advance Link Building, Keyword Research, Blogger Out Reach and Blogging, Local Business Listing Submissions, Guest Posting, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages Optimization, Content Marketing, Local Map Listing Optimization (Local SEO). Google Search Console(Webmaster tools), Google Analytics, Running PPC campaigns on Google Adwords and Competitors Analysis.

Yousuf Malik

Senior Content Writer

Yousuf Malik basically is an educationist. He is working at FastTech Media as Content Writer.

Taha Khan

SEO Expert

Taha Khan is an SEO expert at FastTech Media. He is an energetic and supportive player of our team.

Expertise: Backlinks, Social Media handling, Content creation, and Marketing.