Code Of Conduct

FastTech Media is a company committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity in the field of business. At FastTech Media, we expect our employees to exercise good judgment and proper code of ethics while conducting the affairs of the business. Any employee is restrained from conducting any sort of activity, agreement, or interest that is in conflict with the interests of the company.

FastTech Media values its customers and users by delivering high-quality services, and we respect their integrity, privacy, freedom of expression, and security.

Trust and Credibility

The success behind this company depends upon the trust and confidence we gain from our employees, customers & our partners. We build credibility by reaching our company goals, full-filling user requirements & completing our commitments.

Respect for Employees

We respect the rights of all the employees and will cooperate with each of them as a member of FastTech Media. Any employee who fell abused or has any issues can report to his manager. Moreover, we aim at creating an environment with no discrimination by personal attributes.

Representation of Company

Being a part of FastTech Media employees must act on behalf of the company.

Acceptance of Gifts

Employees at FastTech Media are not allowed to take any gifts from the customers without the permission of management.


In case of any query or question arose when reading the code of conduct, please feel free to contact us.