Liquid web is one of the high-end web hosting services available today, with a reputation for flexibility and variety. With approximately 30,000 customers worldwide, the company has spent the last 20 years building its specialized web hosting empire. We found that Liquid Web’s selection of feature-rich plans and the flexibility they give it really sets them apart from competitors. In addition, the customization offered by these plans, combined with almost instantaneous loading times and highly reliable waiting times, positions Liquid web as one of the leading options for medium and large companies.

Pros and cons


  • Get help when you need it from expert support staff 24/7/365 through live chat, phone, and email.
  • Keep customers satisfied and buying with incredibly fast loading times and near-zero service disturbances.
  • Make security a premium with CloudFlare CDN, DDoS attack prevention and integrated firewalls.
  • Migrate and scale easily with the help of customer service experts.
  • Create awesome WordPress websites with the help of a trial site and automatic WordPress maintenance.
  • Implement the Liquid web custom server groups for complex Web site needs.


  • The company no longer offers shared Web services.
  • As a niche hosting company, prices fall at the most expensive end of the spectrum.
  • Although its knowledge base is extensive, the tone is geared towards web professionals and may be less useful for beginner website owners.

Prices and Payment Methods

Liquid Web has a wide selection of plans that adapt to a wide variety of companies and specific Web needs. Its basic managed WooCommerce plan, Beginner, starts for $39 a month and includes several essentials of e-commerce such as the drag and drop Beaver Builder website builder, SSL certificates and mobile optimization.

Each WooCommerce plan also comes with simple promotional programming tools and Cart abandoned by Jilt. The company’s WordPress packages start with a basic plan of $99 per month, offering trial sites, automatic daily backups and a series of development tools.

Its managed VPS cloud plans start at $ 59 per month and provide developers with a large number of customization options, including cPanel of Plesk Onyx control panels and root access along with strong security features. You can also apply to resell Liquid Web services and existing hosting customers who want to convert the reseller to receive free tools and income-based discounts.

Our price conclusion is that although the Liquid web is an unconditionally exclusive hosting option, companies that can afford prices get a great deal of value in return. The abundant features, optimal security conditions, and insightful support staff are worth the investment, and customers who opt for managed plans are leaving their backend in expert hands.

Easy to use

For the most part, we found it very easy to use the different hosting services we tried. Although beginners with the right amount of capital can get a lot of Liquid Web managed solutions, the products really target larger companies with more advanced Web needs. However, the company’s intuitive Beaver Builder website Builder and the automatic management of daily backups and updates that come with WordPress plans can allow beginners to go about their business without worrying about the backstage of their website.

With multiple websites to maintain and greater web traffic, however, mid-range and enterprise-level businesses could make an even stronger sense of how easy it is to use the more advanced features of Liquid Web. On the other hand, the company’s knowledge base empowers the competent website to grow in users who know the Web.

Charging Times and Reliability

Our tests showed that Liquid Web behaves admirably when it comes to uptimes. As always, we test the average amount of time that the hosting service experienced downtime over a period of several months. Our tests revealed that the company’s times were consistently more than 99.9%, making Liquid web an extremely reliable web hosting service and well ahead of the 99.4% industry average. In our tests, Liquid web load times were approximately 500ms and sometimes submerged as low as 400ms. Liquid web charges for its luxury services, and it would be difficult for you to find more reliable waiting times or almost instantaneous loading times.


The advantage of opting for a more expensive hosting service like the Liquid web is that each plan is rich in features. Even the most basic WordPress plan, for example, offers automatic daily trial and backup sites. Similarly, the basic WooCommerce package provides a drag-and-drop website builder, the jilt-abandoned cart and an exclusive platform for improved loading times. More advanced controls are also available, and developers can take advantage of features such as root access, free GIT repositories, and SSH to fully customize their business backend, and cPanel or Plesk Onyx control panels.

At the end of the day, we discover that the Liquid web is unique in its attention to detail and customization. If you do not find all the features you want or if you are looking for a more complicated hosting solution, you can work with its developers to create the backend of your dreams.

Customer Support

Liquid web customer service was definitely one of the best teams. The response times on the three support channels they offer – telephone, live chat, and email – were consistently within the guaranteed time, and often less than a minute. Each and every agent we talked to was friendly, expert, and able to finish most of our problems very quickly. It is worth noting, however, that some more complex support services, such as custom account reviews or solutions architect solutions, are only available with the business plan.

We were also pleased with the Liquid Web knowledge base, which featured hundreds of articles and tutorials, as well as a section dedicated to common arrangements. However, the content and support tools offered seem to have been written with webmasters in mind, and beginners may find them too technical to be really useful.


We enter the Liquid Web evaluation process in the knowledge that their solutions are not cheap and with the expectation that their products would be superior to what their competition is offering for less. In general, Liquid web was able to meet and sometimes even exceed our expectations. Its platform makes it easy for beginners to start with features such as Beaver Builder website builder in e-commerce plans, or rehearsal places in WordPress plans that allow them to experiment before going live. With all plans, newcomers have access to stellar customer service that can guide them through any problems they are experiencing.

At the same time, advanced features such as root access and GIT repositories give you the flexibility to create your own developer environment. As most Liquid Web plans are managed, their own developers do a lot of routine maintenance and beyond, leaving their IT team with more time to focus on innovation.

No matter what your familiarity with web hosting, we discover that the Liquid web really offers an above-average experience. Free SSL certificates with most plans, automatic daily backups and WordPress updates push Liquid web to the top of the Web hosting package.

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