The iPage Web Hosting company was created by Thomas Gorny in 1998, who developed as vice president, director and later President in the company in 2006. After the creation of iPage, it was sold and acquired by the International EIG Group, a company that has the ownership of other hosting companies such as FatCow and BlueHost.

Although iPage has been active since its launch, it began to have greater popularity after 2009 when it was re-released. Today it is positioned as one of the best hosting companies in the world and has about 2 million sites hosted on its servers.

iPage Web Hosting Features

In this section, we will analyze the main characteristics of the iPage hosting operation. Initially, we will see the different plans that can be accessed:

Web Hosting

It is the traditional and most popular web hosting service. Next, you will be presented with the best of the features of the Essential plan.

WordPress Hosting: This is a special hosting offered by iPage for those sites with WordPress. There are two WordPress hosting packages the basic and the essential. In general, it incorporates unlimited space, unlimited domain hosting, registration, and a free security system.

It also has a simple site creator, including script libraries and a complete control panel with themes and plugins for you to install.

It is important to know that all web hosting plans have the ability to use this content manager; however, this WordPress Hosting package is optimized to run with speed, security and hundreds of tools to customize your page.

iPage WP Hosting

iPage VPS Hosting

On iPage, you can access one of the VPS, those in which all server resources are assigned to a single client. You can customize the service according to the size of your project.

iPage VPS Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

In this case, you will have a physical server available only for yourself. There are three combos with different categories:

iPage Dedicated Servers
  • Startup: 2 core processor, 4gb RAM, 500gb hard disk and 5tb bandwidth.
  • Professional: Processor 4 cores, 8gb of RAM, 1000 Gigas of storage and bandwidth of 10tb.
  • Enterprise: It has a 16 cores processor, the hard disk space is 1tb and the bandwidth is 15tb.

iPage Uptime/Downtime

The provider hosts all customer websites in 2 data centers located in Boston, MA. There are about 800 Dell servers installed within the 2 facilities, which have 24/7 security, and power backup.

In addition, data centers are built with identical infrastructure, in order to allow duplication of client data with cluster servers, which have proven to be an effective way to minimize downtime. The iPage has also invested in backup systems, UPS and diesel generators.

Control Panel

The iPage control panel is customizable and combines commands with tools to make procedures easier. In this resource, you will find all phpMyAdmin databases and also the 1 Click application installer. You can also edit all PHP.ini files.

Extra Services and Bonds

All customers, in addition to obtaining all the traditional services of a hosting company, can access different extra packages and bonuses, such as for example:

Advertising Packages:

When you register an account in iPage you will get different credits to promote your website, for example in Google Adwords, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook. You will also have the authentication seal.

Security Systems:

All packages include a security center to keep your site free of viruses and spam.

Technical Support:

24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is available in English and is complemented by several written tutorials and videos.

iPage Hosting Plans

  1. Essential Plan: no storage limits, sites, e-mail boxes, and databases. A free domain, SiteLock, and vDeck control panel. It costs $ 1.99 per month and your money back if you are not satisfied the first month.
  2. iPage WordPress Starter: Core Hosting, plugins, themes, support every day at all times, unlimited disk, and a free domain. It costs 3.75 per month and your money back if you are not satisfied the first month.
  3. iPage WordPress Essential: Same features as Starter but with more speed, specialized support, and increased security. It costs $ 6.95 per month and your money back if you are not satisfied the first month.
  4. iPage VPS Basic: 1 Core, 1GB of RAM speed, 40GB of storage, 1TB Bandwith, an IP address, a free domain, cPanel and CentOS 6.4. It costs $ 19.99 per month.
  5. iPage VPS Business: 2 Core, 4GB of RAM speed, 90GB of storage, 3TB Bandwith, two IP addresses, a free domain, cPanel and CentOS 6.4. It costs $47.99 per month.
  6. iPage VPS Optimum: 4 Core, 8GB of RAM speed, 120GB of storage, 4TB Bandwith, two IP addresses, a free domain, cPanel and CentOS 6.4. It costs $79.99 per month.

How to buy iPage Hosting?

You have already seen the features of iPage and the different web hosting packages available, and now we will tell you how is the procedure to hire the services:

  • The first step consists of entering the website and selecting the hosting package you need.
  • In the second step, you must choose if you want to register a new domain or use one that you already have registered.
  • In the third step, you must enter a form where you must submit your personal data and the payment method (credit card or Paypal), you must also choose the time for which you want to contract the service and if you want any additional service
  • In the last step, you must make the payment of the service, and you can automatically start using the hosting.

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