Hostinger is a very popular web hosting company, which serves more than 29 million users worldwide. The company has 15,000 registrations per day, so our expert review was established to see if this low-budget platform could deliver the product. Our month ago Hostinger review highlighted the multitude of useful features and tools of the company. Hostinger also offers a guarantee of high reliability and fast loading times, it is not a small feat for a company with its number of subscribers.

Pros and cons


  • Very low monthly prices accommodate extremely tight budgets.
  • Enjoy fast and reliable service with charging times and recovery times above average.
  • Take advantage of Hostinger’s intuitive drag and drop website creator to create a website in minutes.
  • Quickly solve problems through live chat, email, and tickets 24/7/365.
  • Clearly defined plans and features make it easy to choose the right package for you.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and SSD space in most plans keep your site running smoothly.
  • Easily configure e-commerce shopping carts with 1-click facilities.


  • Features that are free with other services, such as free SSL certificates or unlimited email accounts, are only available with an update.
  • Hostinger does not offer dedicated server plans.
  • Although they have a 1-click installation process for WordPress and are optimized for the platform, Hostinger does not have a specific WordPress hosting package.

Prices and payment methods

Hostinger is known as one of the most affordable web hosting services, although prices tend to vary a bit depending on the current offers of the company. We begin our review with the basic individual plan, which starts at $ 0.80 a month, and you will be surprised to see the number of features included.

The package gives you up to 100 GB of bandwidth and weekly backups along with several PHP versions and more than 100 1-click installations. The business hosting plan starts for $ 3.45 a month and offers more advanced features, such as free SSL certificates for your websites and unlimited email accounts.

While their shared hosting plans are indeed very affordable, the company’s options in the cloud are well on par with standard market prices. The StartUp cloud plan starts at $7.45 per month and comes with unlimited websites and bandwidth, plus custom Hostinger speed tools and free domain registration (for the first year). If you need more power, you can choose the Cloud Enterprise plan starting at $27.45, and with 12 GB of RAM and 160 GB of storage included. VPS hosting is also available for $3.95 to $29.95 per month.

Easy to use

The 15,000 customers who come to Hostinger every day may initially come for low prices, but we suspect they remain because of how simple it is to build and maintain their website with the service. Free website creator is a useful tool for newbies, with the company’s well-organized cPanel and more than 100 1-click app installations really give beginners a customizable and manageable website.

Still, users like us who require more advanced tools and more complex functionalities can still benefit from Hostinger. The company offers the option of building a GIT repository with each plan – critical for collaborative teams like ours – as well as multiple PHP and phpMyAdmin language support. Although some features such as free SSL certificates or unlimited websites are only available with updates, Hostinger’s very low price points make these features available without stretching your budget.

Scaling is an important part of any business plan, so we updated our test site several times to see how fluid the process was. In each case, the improvements were quick and relatively simple thanks to the expert help of the friendly Hostinger customer service team.

Load time and reliability

With approximately 29 million users to support, we were concerned that Hostinger might not be able to offer superior load times and the speeds they promise. However, months of tests clearly demonstrated that their uptime was consistently 99.9% or more, placing them well above the industry average of 99.4%.

In addition, we discovered that their loading times were incredibly fast at approximately 1s per page. This is at least in part due to the company’s cache manager solution, which they claim dramatically reduces loading times. However, Hostinger’s extensive knowledge base also offers step-by-step instructions for customers to optimize their pages for speed at their end.


Any concerns we had about Hostinger’s low prices by limiting the number of features offered were dissipated within the first minutes of our use of the service. The basic packages include all kinds of useful features such as the company’s website creator and the 1-click installation tool for more than 100 applications, including e-commerce and WordPress solutions such as WooCommerce. Although the basic plans come with weekly backups, you will have to update if you want to make daily backups for your site.

We were equally happy with the many advanced features that even the basic and mid-range packages offer and that gave us more control over our test site. Unlimited FTP accounts (in most plans), a range of versions and remote PHP and MySQL tools empowered us to create a backend that completely met our needs. Finally, despite the low prices, we were very happy with the level of security that entered each account. FTP through SSL, frequent infrastructure updates and BitNinja are just some of the ways Hostinger invests in account security.

Customer Support

Hostinger states that customer service is one of his top priorities, and for the most part it seems to be the case. We found that the company’s responses and resolution time were above the industry average for the four communication channels: ticket sales, snail mail, live chat and email.

Each interaction with a representative made us match a pleasant expert who was able to get to the bottom of our questions quickly.

Perhaps the most wonderful part of Hostinger’s customer service is the fact that we didn’t have to use their services very often. Hundreds of informative articles in their knowledge base, frequently updated tutorials on complex technical features and an animated blog helped us find our way through most of the challenges we encountered using Hostinger.


Our Hostinger expert review helped us understand exactly why the service resonates so strongly with users. Hostinger manages to mix extremely low prices with a plethora of features and utilities, increasing both with copious documentation and with an expert and pleasant support team. This trifecta of affordability, a rich catalog of features and robust support makes it a strong choice for customers, no matter where they are on their Web hosting trip. Beginners get the basic features they need to get their websites instantly, from a website builder to broad bandwidth and much more.

While more advanced users do not have a dedicated server option to give them more flexibility and control, we discover that Hostinger’s shared, cloud and VPS plans offer many benefits to keep webmasters satisfied. A robust cPanel, more than 100 1-click installations of applications and the access manager can play a role in allowing you to simply and efficiently customize your website behind the scenes.

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