GoDaddy Hosting Review

GoDaddy has more than 13 million customers, demonstrating its leadership in the domain registration and web hosting industry worldwide. Their web hosting plans offer a large selection of applications, free advertising credits, and many other tools such as unlimited space and broadband, which make GoDaddy a strong contender among the most important web hosting companies.

When we talk about the domain and hosting industry, GoDaddy is the chick’s dad. Without a doubt, your brand is recognized internationally, but the question we have to ask ourselves is, are your services really the best option to host our websites? This web hosting provider has the advantage of being one of the first sites that one visits when we are considering registering web domains. From there, they may offer us their Economic plan at a promotional price.

Your economic plan has maximum and measurable numbers that make it easy to monitor. This plan offers unlimited bandwidth and parked domains, but disk space is 100GB. While it may seem much lower than the unlimited term, it is actually a solid number that is hard to beat if you have a small business. The allocation of MySQL databases and email accounts has a cap of 10; These numbers are the lowest compared to other web hosting companies.

GoDaddy web hosting service allows you to cancel your package at any time during the contract and gives you a full refund within the first 45 days, not including the web domain. The domain is free for one year after the login, but you will be charged if it is canceled during the year.

Pros and cons


  • Fast loading times and consistent recovery times contribute to a greater SEO list and generate a positive feeling towards your brand.
  • Get a real feeling for the service and its compatibility with your needs through your unique 1-month plan.
  • Choose the best package for you with the help of clear comparison and contrast tables from GoDaddy.
  • Easily set up your WordPress website with GoDaddy’s prebuilt sites and drag-and-drop page editor.
  • Solve emerging problems with friendly staff that is available 24/7 through live chat, email, phone, and ticket sales.
  • Get your website running quickly with bandwidth without a meter and unlimited storage space.
  • Keep your website safe with protection against fraud, viruses, email, and spam. Let your customers know how safe they are on your site with an SSL certificate.


  • Customer support waits can be long, and the quality of support varies by region.
  • Although they offer great discounts and free registration features, they tend to be higher for renewals.
  • The richness of the features can confuse users for the first time.
  • Prices and Payment Methods
  • GoDaddy is known for its sometimes provocative Super Bowl ads, but the company is so well known for its affordable web hosting packages. Even the company’s basic WordPress plans offer many features: starting at $ 4.99 per month, users get a single website, 10 GB of web space and automatic WordPress updates. Customers who purchase an annual basic plan receive bonus features such as a free domain and Microsoft Office 365.

Hosting options

Shared hosting is the most common option and is offered by most web hosting sites. Those who are willing to pay a little more for greater flexibility and control will appreciate the options of dedicated VPS hosting servers from GoDaddy. Cloud hosting also offers great flexibility and is cheaper than dedicated hosting since it only pays for what it uses. GoDaddy also offers reseller hosting, which is ideal for anyone interested in entering the web hosting business for themselves. With so many options, you will have no problem finding a GoDaddy web hosting plan that fits what you are looking for.

Accelerator that improves charging time

The GoDaddy web hosting automatically comes with its website accelerator, which helps to ensure the website loads times faster no matter where you are. This has a big impact on the amount of traffic your website receives because a slow website discourages some people from visiting or browsing more. This is something that is especially important for business websites trying to increase their sales.

1-click Installation of Applications

Whether you are planning to create a blog, create an online store, or simply show some photos you have taken, GoDaddy has the necessary applications that fit your needs. Shopping cart, blog, CMS, and much more software are available to meet your needs and help you personalize your website. The installation of applications is easily done with just one click.

Return of guarantee at any time

Some web hosting companies offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on their services, but GoDaddy goes further by offering a money-back guarantee that lasts as long as you receive your website through them. If at any time you decide that you are not satisfied with your services, you can cancel and receive credits at the store. If you cancel within 30 days, you will receive a full refund, while the cancellation after 30 days entitles you to an average amount of the fees you have paid based on the amount of time left in your plan. This money-back guarantee shows that GoDaddy supports your services.

Free Advertising Credits

GoDaddy includes free advertising credits which include $ 100 for Google AdWords when you spend $ 25, plus $ 50 to advertise on Bing and Facebook. This is a great way to draw additional attention to your website and get more business. Although not directly related to the web hosting service itself, these advertising credits are still good bonuses that can play a role in the decision-making process.

Web design services

If you do not have the time or experience to design your own website and do not want to use one of the templates that GoDaddy provides, you may be interested in its web design services. For an additional fee, GoDaddy helps you quickly design a professional website that suits your brand. You see how your site remains until it is finished and you can leave comments about things you like or things you want to change. This service also includes 30 minutes of updates made by the web designer every month. GoDaddy also designs your company’s Facebook page for an extra charge. If you take advantage of these tools, you can have a quality website while saving a lot of time and hassle.


GoDaddy has the name and reputation that make it hard to ignore. It is not the best web hosting service, but it is a worthy competitor. The installation process is simple, and you have enough disk space and broadband to run a small site efficiently. This may be the first experience of many people with a web host. It will not be a bad experience, but it will certainly not be the best.

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