Email Marketing

FastTech Media Email Marketing Services are backed by world class infrastructure which enables high deliver-ability for bulk email campaigns to the target audience.

FastTech Media Email Marketing Services are backed by world class infrastructure which enables high deliver-ability for bulk email campaigns to the target audience.

At FastTech Media we believe that Bulk mailing is a very strong medium for digital marketing and we have designed our services to take care of every aspect of mail broadcasting.

Our managed email marketing brings your email campaigns to the next level by increasing the relevancy of your communications. We apply email marketing best practices to ensure that messages are delivered to their intended recipients.

Retail Segments

Retail segments send bulk email marketing campaigns to announce their product launches, update new offers and to wish on occasions which stimulates the impression of the brand among targeted segments.

Shopping Portals

Making use of the bulk email system millions of emails have sent across by various shopping portals. Offers could announce which in turn can rake in huge business.

Brand Promoters

Promoters establish the presence of the brand among masses. Bulk Email campaigns are used to reach wider audience updating them on the brand plays a key in promotions.


Blast emails with a single click to distributors, dealers and vendors. Using the minimum amount of bulk email marketing services generate maximum results.

Real Estates

Real estates utilize bulk email marketing for updating people on new launches, to reach targeted segments and to create a brand recall in the market.


A great way to reach potential prospects and to stay in touch with existing customers. Actively holds their attention with the help of email blasting in much simpler ways.


Bulk Email marketing is helpful in finalizing an admission and updating the parents on the course details and also sending them alerts with complete reports.

Services Providers

The conversion rate using bulk email services are enormous. Prospects are generated all across the world owing to its vast reach. Exciting offers and packages are conveying to people via mass email campaigns. It plays a huge role in attracting them to avail your services as people could readily recognize.

Hospitals and Health Cares

Make a structured data collection of all the details such as the details of the patients, their requirements, billings etc., and send email it to them to ensure a smooth running of the hospital.

Media and Entertainment

Bulk Email Marketing are used to continually stay in contact with people and provide them with information about the most happening things in the industry. It paves the way a for a massive number of subscriptions.

Traders and Distributors

Bulk email marketing campaigns are doing in this sector because of its reach factor. A large number of people are made aware of your works, and it makes people approach you without second thoughts.


FastTech Media Mail says cheap? Well, maybe it isn\’t cheap but it sure is a shallow cost internet marketing channel to implement, and it has an excellent return for your business. That\’s a massive difference whether you are a small business with a limited amount of resources or a large corporation with many internet bulk email marketing options to choose. No wonder FTM Mail\’s price comparatively affordable as premium one.


With FastTech Media\’s email marketing, can easily choose who receives it and who doesn\’t allowing you to target the population you want to be in front of you know, the people who want to hear from you and want what you have to offer. You can also easily customize your emails to a segment of the population, to a buyer persona, or even for the current season of the year with our features. You are not being locked into one thing!


When you choose to use FastTech Media email service, one of the benefits is the tracking ability you gain. Many measurable actions can track such as bounce rates, delivery rates, open rates, click-through rates, and unsubscribe rates. Quickly get a picture of how email campaigns are performing. Email marketing metrics are essential to monitor and measure internet marketing strategy where you can get by FastTech Media Mail.