Acne Solution: 10 ways to change your habits and eliminate pimples

10 Acne Solutions

Are you treating your Acne with special measures but still have new outbreaks? Your skincare routine could be to blame. Here you will find 10 habits that you think are good, but that make your acne breakouts worse. Find out what can be done to eliminate it, according to the advice of the experts of the American Dermatology Association (AAD).

1. Try a new treatment every week

This can irritate your skin and cause more Acne. Solution: give it time for the treatment to work. You should use a product for 6 to 8 weeks: it takes time to see some improvement. If you don’t see any progress by then, you can try another product. The complete cleaning of the grains usually takes 3 to 4 months.

2. Apply medication only on Acne

It makes sense to treat what you see, but this does not prevent new outbreaks. Solution: Spread a thin layer of the acne product evenly over all acne-prone skin. If you are prone to sprout on the forehead, nose, and chin, you should apply the treatment evenly on all those areas of the face.

3. Wear makeup or beauty products that can cause Acne

Some makeup products and many skins and hair care products contain oil or other ingredients that can cause acne breakouts. If you continue using them, you can continue with Acnes.


Use only makeup products, sunscreen, skin and hair care products labeled as “non-comedogenic” or that “do not clog pores.” These products do not cause outbreaks in most people.

4. Share makeup, brushes or applicators

Acne is not contagious, but when you share makeup or applicator elements, the bacteria that cause Acne and dead skin cells of other people can end up in your makeup, and then they will pass to your skin, leading to breakouts. Solution: make sure you are the only person who uses makeup, makeup brushes, and applicators.

5. You sleep with your makeup

Even non-comedogenic makeup can cause Acne if you sleep with it. The solution: take off your makeup before bedtime. Without exceptions. If you are too tired to wash your face, use a makeup remover wipe, and make sure it is a “non-comedogenic” wipe.

6. Wash your face several times a day

Washing your face several times a day can further irritate your skin and cause breakouts. Solution: Wash your face 2 times a day, when you wake up and before going to bed. You should also wash your face when you finish an activity that makes you sweat.

7. Dry your skin

Acne skin is oily, so it can be tempting to apply astringent treatments until it feels dry. Don’t do it: dry skin is irritated skin. Every time you irritate your skin, you risk having more Acne. Solution: use acne treatments as directed. If your skin feels dry, apply a special moisturizer for acne-prone skin, 2 times a day.

8. Rub your clean skin

To get rid of Acne, you may be tempted to cleanse your skin. Don’t do it: rubbing can irritate your skin, causing Acne to come on. Solution: Be gentle when you wash your face and skin with Acne. Use a gentle, non-comedogenic cleanser, apply it with the fingertips in a circular motion. Rinse it with warm, dry water with a clean towel.

9. Rub the sweat of your skin when you train

Using a towel to rub sweat can damage your skin, which can cause breakouts. Solution: When you exercise, use a clean towel to pat the skin sweat gently.

10. Tighten Acne Removal

When the Acne are squeezed, you push some of what is inside (pus, dead skin cells or bacteria) deeper into your skin, and this increases inflammation, causing more noticeable Acne and, sometimes, scars and pain.

Solution: Resist temptation. Treat your Acne with special medications, and if you have deep or painful pimples, consult a dermatologist.


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